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Toll Management System

Toll Management Systems - Increasing the Effectiveness of Tolls

Toll System

The toll system has helped immensely in the development of infrastructure and economy of a country. Toll refers to the money a commuter has to pay at the different toll stations made on roads while crossing from one city to another. This in turn is a tax, which is used in the development and construction of roads, flyovers and expressways. Every country has its own toll system and the amount of money to be paid as toll also differs. With technological advancement, toll management system has also modified. Instead of collecting tolls manually, toll plaza software and electronic toll collection system are set at many centers.

Toll Plaza Software

The modern technology has enhanced the need to have toll collection software at toll plazas. The toll software is developed in languages such as Visual Basic.Net, C#, or C++ with SQL Server 2000 or Oracle as its backend. It has all the necessary features and functionality, which helps to organize the whole toll system.

In India, many companies such as BE software Solution etc provide management and services for toll plaza management solutions. These companies have numerous functions which involve commissioning and testing of electronic toll collection system, revenue management, traffic management, customized software development, liasoning/PR and electronic security/observation systems, parking toll management software, toll security systems, evaluation and testing of ETC systems and electronic toll tax collection system. The toll software helps the toll management companies in performing these functions.

Electronic Toll Collection System

This is an electronic method of collecting tolls at different toll plazas. It allows an electronic monetary transaction to take place between a vehicle and toll agency. This reduces the manual labor and delays that often occur on roads. This system of collecting tolls is eco-friendly and also results in increased toll lane capacity. Moreover, the commuters have to wait less for paying the tolls, which is convenient for them. Electronic toll collection system is efficiently used in the traffic surveillance for detection which helps in identifying incidents.

India's Metro Road System works on electronic toll collection system. Along with world leader Kapsch TrafficCOM, the government has set up many automatic and semi-automatic toll collection systems. This new system includes various payment options and helps in traffic and parking management.