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Parking Management System

The most reliable, secure and convenient way of managing parking can be done through the Parking Management Software. Many shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, garages, and airports have implemented automated parking management software to easily manage traffic and parking of vehicles. The software provides valuable support for facility monitoring, space counting, revenue control, license plate recognition, event broadcasting, vehicle sensor, and credit card transactions. A quality parking management software can help generate a detailed entry and exit statistics, which enable managements to plan ahead for weekends and holiday seasons.

Parking management systems have brought lots of advantages to the parking system by changing it from a manual task to an automated system. This not only removes the chance of human error but also helps in planning the best way to park vehicles. Parking management systems are the perfect example of life made easy by the use of technology.

The prominent features of our parking management system is:
» A strict control and monitor over the daily revenue, to assure accuracy
» Reduces the transaction time at the check in and check out points, which eliminates the bottleneck.
» Capturing and comparing images while entering and exiting of the vehicles, which insures safely
» improved and intelligent reporting structure