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Ikoncierge is a solution which can be deployed anywhere easily to give the convenience to a customer for searching any location or office and gathering information about the same. This application displays the maps which are customized in a manner to show the directions to various destinations accurately. We design our application and customize them as per the requirement of a specific client, keeping the notion of satisfying the customer completely.

Our solution can help the visitors by:
» providing them an application which is easy to use, has impressive looks, and has user friendly options    for searching for the required information
» displays the ongoing offers / events
» displays audio visual maps and directions, which gives the user the convenience to locate their            destination easily
» Transfer the information to Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, which allows the user to carry the                information with them.
» Enhancing the complete experience of the visitor by providing them state-of-the-art touch screen    information kiosks.